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16 oz

Smoothing Serum + Moisturizer

# 1 ALL SYSTEMS GOT HAIR ACTION Smoothing Serum + Moisturizer Treatment is a revolutionary keratin based canine coat process.
It is designed to smooth, add texture and volume, repair, strengthen, shine even the most damaged or unmanageable of coats. It protects the hair/ coat from the elements and improves the condition of damaged hair/coat from constant brushing, blow drying and flat ironing. It is made with all healthy cosmetic grade ingredients, and is 100% FORMALDEHYDE FREE.

GOT HAIR ACTION is a simple three step process:

DIRECTIONS: step # 1 Shampoo first with the GOT HAIR ACTION Smoothing Keratin Shampoo. Towel dry and comb out gently. This will aid in a better distribution of the smoothing serum.

Step # 2 Pour about 4 oz. of the GOT HAIR ACTION Smoothing Serum + Moisturizer into a bowl, (depending on hair length, density, overall condition and size of dog you may require more). Using a tint brush apply sparingly and evenly to the hair/coat working your way from the back paws up and forward to the head. Even distribution is the key!

Brush or comb through for even distribution. Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes depending on coat type and overall condition, Example; coats in better condition may use the shorter time, finer coats may use the shorter time, coats in poor condition or that are very heavy or thick use the longer time.
RINSE THOROUGHLY and towel dry carefully so that you don’t tangle the hair/coat.
Dry dog thoroughly as you normally would.
Move into Step # 3: GOT HAIR ACTION “Brazilian Style Blow out” HAIR APPARENT – to seal the deal and preserve the treatment. Performed properly the effects of total treatment can last up to 6 weeks.
Using the Got Hair Action Smoothing Keratin Shampoo in between total treatments will help preserve the integrity of the process.