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8 oz

Ear So Fresh

For the ultimate in regular ear Hygiene.
A natural Herbal Ear Wash for dogs & cats.
A most effective,
soothing blend of full strength
herbal oils and extracts.

Ear So Fresh helps keep ears clean, fresh & reduces earwax buildup.
Pour 1/2 capful of Ear So Fresh into the ear to soothe, clean and help protect against ear infections.
Hold ear closed by pressing ear flap from back towards front. Massage gently for 30 seconds. Release and allow animal to shake out debris. Excess may be swabbed with clean sterile cotton ball.
Evaporates naturally and makes the ear feel really good!!
In a base of Witch Hazel, Ear So Fresh contains full strength herbal oils and extracts. Free of artificial chemicals, coloring agents & preservatives.